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Alvarez Jazz & Blues - Blues 51, Delta00 & Delta00 Deluxe - Series Featurette


Alvarez Guitars

http://alvarezguitars.com/jazz-and-bl... - 2016 sees the introduction of our new series, Jazz & Blues. Some things in life simply don’t go out of vogue and jazz and blues are two of those things. So we simply wanted to make a guitar line dedicated to these genres, designed from the ground up in order for us to pay special attention to tone, detail and of course quality. Our J&B flat tops are vintage all the way, with back shifted, scalloped bracing and traditional rosewood bridges. The neck profile has a soft V profile and string spacing is tailored towards fingerpicking. Tonally these guitars harbor the compression usually associated with smaller bodied guitars, but due to our bracing design they are a little more “Hi-Fi” and dynamic for a more modern style projection. J&B arch tops are the real deal and offer incredible value. It’s been many years since Alvarez created guitars with electro-magnetic pick-ups, and we wanted to make these instruments special. Our arch tops are superb quality and deliver amazing tones and player experience through fastidious design and development and awesome Duncan Designed pick-ups. Featuring Chris Meikle, Alvarez Head of Development Guitar Performance by GC Johnson of Acoustic Labs https://www.youtube.com/user/AlvarezG...