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Yairi Honduran Series | Series Featurette


Alvarez Guitars
Yairi HD Series

Old growth Honduran Mahogany is arguably the finest instrument wood of all. Our Honduran supply was purchased by Mr. Yairi some 50 years ago and has since been naturally seasoning in the perfect climate of Kani, Japan. In terms of tone wood, this is pure gold. Sonically our Honduran Mahogany guitars are colorful and charismatic, with strong, clear bass and middle frequencies. They’re almost intuitive in the way they respond, and captivating in the way they draw the player in and then take them away. Available in all-Honduran or Honduran paired with AAAA Adirondack tops. Yairi HD’s are modern classics, designed for lifetimes of inspiration and musical enjoyment. Learn more about these tremendous guitars: www.AlvarezGuitars.com