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Riding The Wave


Remerge Band

This is their first collaboration on an instrumental. Remerge Band are well known for their eclectic acoustic instrumentals. This song made it on the first shot to Pandora Radio, Remerge Band Tia Green and Melody Stuart. Picked up for TV and Film.

AcousticLabs . December 2nd 2017 @ 3:22EDT

Sounds absolutely lovely, friends. Thank you so much for sharing!



Remerge Band November 28th 2017 @ 2:52EDT

The Bari used on this song is the ABT60E 2015- The one you see in the picture is the white Fusions Series with the series 500 pick up. Awesome pick it is. This being my touring guitar I put it away for a while being that the boss Bruce himself came to one of my gigs in the spring of 2005 in WPB and watched me play. He hung out with us for 4 hours nice guy. So nice I asked him to autograph my guitar. and he did I have the picture to prove it !!!! What a surreal day it was!!!