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Free Man (Sailing With The Wind)


Danny Taddei

Dreams and a dream-life are usually only separated by a little confidence in yourself. Freeman is a simple song about finding what you dream for - Sailing With The Wind! It's track 4 on my CD, "A Change Will Do You Good" and about sailing with the wind. You'll see me labeled within the genre called Trop-Rock. I'd rather be labeled just as Danny Taddei but I suppose it is an appropriate label for me. Trop-Rock is a recently coined term and refers to the condensed styles of the island feel found in classic rock, country, Latin, Zydeco, and Reggae. It’s the feel that falls into that slice of a beach vacation mindset we all get on cold days and always makes your mind wonder towards that palm trees and margarita. This song is about as far towards country music as I usually go but it is still 100% beach. Whatever your dream is, all it takes is taking that jump. I hope when you see your tropical lagoon of happiness in front of you that you never question yourself and you just jump in.