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Where The Steel Drum Was Playing


Danny Taddei

This video is me singing my song "Where The Steel Drum Was Playing", from a living room show I did several years back. We sent out over the internet live but someone caught this on a cheap camera. Yes, there is missing pixel in the middle of the shot - it adds to the amateur flavor of the whole thing:) It is a Trop Rock folk style song about a man I knew with a bad allergy to alcohol. Every time he drank any liquor, he broke out in handcuffs. It's a mostly true story, mostly tragic and just part of a Caribbean lifestyle. Not all the people in the Caribbean degenerate but if you are prone to that sort of mentality, the tropics are certainly the best place to do it. This is just me and an acoustic guitar, in my living room playing to maybe a dozen or two dozen people live and another 100 or so that were watching live. I hope you enjoy it.

Alvarez Guitars November 1st 2017 @ 1:31EDT

Danny, thanks so much for uploading these! Super cool. Hope you and your family are ok after the storm season, friend. bless.