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Acoustic Labs began as a personal challenge, to write and perform new material every month and to focus on the guitar, exploring different sounds through effects and techniques. Since 2009 - the year the project started - I've grown as a composer and producer, and have learned an array of other instruments like the Ronroco, Erhu and Guitarviol. Acoustic Labs is now a platform, not only for my guitar compositions and covers, but for my multi-instrumental work, and focused on getting my music where I believe it fits best, in the realm of Film, TV, Games and Commercials. I'm so grateful for the response and inspiration I have received from the internet community over the years. It's support that has really nourished and sustained me creatively, and to anyone that has ever reached out, spread the word, bought a tab or music, or watched a video, I have heartfelt thanks for all of you. You can reach me with questions or business opportunities at [email protected]