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muddymuddymuddmann Scott Brown

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11/29/1961 Age 50 something going on 50 something and a half. Granbury Texas.
The guitar in my videos is a vintage Alvarez acoustic electric cutaway 5074. and a piece of my soul for a long time. It was stolen, And re-acquired by some of my valued friends who likewise believe that helping someone should not be a punishable offence from the ones you help. :) I was lost without my Alvarez. My Alvarez has been my release, vent, and companion when words just don't cut it. I needed my Alvarez like a mother needs her children. I even visited many pawn shops, and music stores And played many brands, and styles of guitars. Only a very few came close to cutting it. But right now, I am like a kid on Christmas. You never know what you have lost until it is gone. FACT! Happy doesn't cover the way I feel right now. I will definitely make more videos here. New ones. :)
Many Good blessings to you and yours. Scott Brown Alias MUDDy
Also the guitar has one of the first JLD bridge doctors installed just to make sure that the bridge and body will never warp or bulge.