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Jason Kertson

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Jason Kertson is a 19 year old singer/songwriter, and the frontman for the band Kertson.

He began learning to play the guitar at age 7 on his father's 1983 Alvarez-Yairi. He began performing in coffee houses and other venues when he was 9. Since 2008, he has played the Alvarez-Yairi DY-62C.

In February, 2011, Ray William Johnson, a YouTube Icon, tweeted “everybody is looking for the next Justin Bieber. My money is on this kid” and he attached a link of a YouTube video that was recorded when Jason was 12. Jason had 250,000 YouTube views that week. This generated a lot of interest from people in the music business. One of the people who expressed interest in working with Jason was Dave Mustaine of Megadeth. This has led to a mentoring relationship, and Jason recorded a demo in Dave’s studio (Vic’s Garage). Jason has also performed on multiple occasions with Dave’s daughter, Electra Mustaine.

In 2013, Jason was featured on Season 5 of NBC's "The Voice".

In 2014, Jason began working with producer Matt Wallace (Maroon 5, Train, R.E.M.) on an EP. Final mixing on the project was completed in January 2015.

Jason has performing with his band “Kertson” in various incarnations for the past five years. They have done performances across the West coast, the East coast, and even to Germany and France. The band’s original music style could best be compared to the Killers, Walk the Moon, and John Mayer.

As a guitarist, Jason is very diverse in his abilities; from very complex acoustic fingerstyle to technically challenging guitar solos. As a vocalist, his soulful voice and four-octave range defy his age.